Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big Boy

Now that he's TWO I guess he doesn't think he needs his booster seat anymore...growing up too fast!

2 Year Check Up

We went to the doctor for his 2 year check up...All went well until he had to get shots.  He was not happy about that at all but quickly got over it once he was given 2 thomas the train stickers.

 I guess those shots wore him out...Sweet boy!

He's staying right where he has been all along with his height and weight- 37 lbs and 37 in tall putting him in the 97th percentile.  Way to stay strong Davis.  Glad my big boy is proportioned!

My Baby is TWO!

Where did the time go!  It seems like yesterday I was holding this tiny little baby in my arms and now he is two!

Well when you wake up on your 2nd birthday it's only natural to want oh say, ice cream for breakfast.  If it's ice cream you want, it's ice cream you get.  It's your birthday after all!

Later he did opt for some yogurt which is just a bit healthier :-)

So what did Davis do for his birthday? Well, we talked all day about having a party.  He would ask about a party which made me feel bad for not doing one.  I can't believe I didn't give him a party!  Oh well, next year he will get one.  When Daddy came home we had balloons, cake, and presents!

He'll pedal one day...:-)

After that we went the the 2nd happiest place on the earth for a kid!  Chuck E Cheese.  This was his first experience and he loved it!  He used all his tokens riding the carousel but hey, it's HIS birthday!

He had such a great day!  The following day I took cupcakes to school and they celebrated his birthday there too!  Just like his momma, celebrate as long as you can!  His teacher snapped a pic of him with icing on his nose but that was the best she got...

Happy Birthday Davis!  Life would be so dull without you!  How did we get so lucky!  LOVE YOU!

NYC Visitors

This past weekend Bryan and Steve (2 friends of Gary's from Pfizer days in NYC) came out for a visit. Davis thought for sure they were there to soley play with him, haha.  He was so eager to see them when he woke up and anytime we came home he would run in the door looking for them.  It was a very short visit but we were so glad they came.  Bryan made me so happy by bringing me cupcakes from Crumbs (love that place) and Steve made Davis happy by bringing him a birthday gift!

They got in on Friday night and we headed straight to Monte Ne Chicken.  We haven't been so we thought it would be a good place to try out with visitors. You aren't given a menu, and it's family style.  You are served, fried chicken, bean soup, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and bread.  Definitely southern food.  And very comforting!

Davis was always making Steve play on the floor

And read him books

Saturday the guys hit up the UoA football game while me and Davis did exciting things for him...Barnes and Noble and Chick Fil A.

Now we need to plan a trip to NYC.  Bryan offered his place to stay and I'm pretty sure we will take him up on that!  Thanks for coming and visiting!  Until next time...


Halloween!!  It was such a fun day!  Davis had school on Halloween, so they had a little fall festival and costume parade.  There was so many cute costumes!  The kids did their walk through the school and made a few pit stops where they got candy.  After the parade they all went back to their classrooms and had a little party.  Of course Davis couldn't participate once he saw me (which I was really bummed about) but he had a great start to Halloween!

Davis and his friend Petey are at the front of the line holding hands...they're too cute

My little golfer!

ANd he was done with the festivities!

After school we headed to Gary's work.  Wal-Mart does a huge Halloween trick or treating at the corporate offices.  Each department decorates and passes out candy to the employees families.  I didn't get pictures but some decorated like Candyland the game, Christmas, Despiciple Me, Monsters, Inc, Star Wars...I can't remember them all but they did a really good job!  Davis was scoring big time!

We went with a friend and her kiddos.  Davis and Leah were so cute!  Of course neither would look at me.

Davis was pretty excited about the candy

Gary's department did a duck dynasty theme 

He had to go check out the monster from Monsters, Inc.

Davis and Kate waiting for their Daddy's to bring the cars around

Davis' favorite candy- dum dum suckers.  One guy gave him a fist full of those things!  Davis still eats about 2-3 a day!  The rest of the candy was for momma and daddy!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Our Ward Fall Festival

Our ward had a fall festival the weekend before Halloween and had yummy food and fun games for the kids to play.  Davis was busy throwing rocks at the older kids (I've had a few stern talks with him about that) so he didn't enjoy too many games but he did manage to get some treats on the few games he did play.

He loved the fishing game...

He mainly just threw the hay around

That's not exactly how you play twister...
It was a fun start to Halloween!

Right Choice Farms

Since Gary wasn't able to go with us to Farmland Adventures we decided to head to Right Choice Farms in Missouri.  We went on a hay ride, checked out their little farm animal section, played in the corn box and picked out a few pumpkins...Davis took his sweet time picking a pumpkin or two :-).

I wanted to see how tall he was but that wasn't fun for him I guess

Pumpkin choosing time begins...

FINALLY found one :-)

We just love this little guy!